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Selutron superman ii

I ordinarily do not promote fan edits, but in this case I can't say enough good things about Selutron's Superman II work. As you will see, Selutron used footage . It appears the soured saga of “Superman II” will never find proper closure. While the “Donner Cut” of “Superman II” went a long way to. Fans like "Selutron" (a pseudonym). Now that there are essentially two versions of many of the scenes comprising "Superman II" - those shot by theatrical.

I have an unreleased fan edit of Superman 2 that I made that does use a lot of Selutron's clips. Though I did some revisions of my own to bridge. what selutron was doing for superman 2 the richard donner cut was fixing effects shots,fixing scenes sounds etc. Expand. Do you have a link. There's a video editor, who goes by the alias of "Selutron", who's taken the task/ liberties to bring Superman II as closest to it's original form via.

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