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Robert kramer route one usa

Directed by Robert Kramer. With Jesse Jackson, Paul McIsaac, Pat Robertson. Doc (McIsaac), back from a decade in in Africa, and filmmaker Kramer, decide to . In the domain between documentary and fiction which interests us, ROUTE ONE USA has already become legendary. Its maker, Robert Kramer, who has plotted. Expat filmmaker Robert Kramer's work inspired by a road trip from Maine to Florida.

On the road again, two uneasy riders: Doc (McIssac), back from ten years in Africa, and independent film maker Kramer, ageing liberals who decide to follow . Route 1 is a highway that runs from Canada to Key West Florida, along the East the frustration his revolutionary dream, Robert Kramer decided to make a film. Route One is the first major U.S. highway. km along the Atlantic coast, from the Canadian border to the tip of Florida. Doc, a physician who spent many.

Tickets: £10 / £8 conc. / £6 Close-Up members. Box Office: Route One/USA Robert Kramer | Colour | min | Digital "After living abroad. Route One/USA on Find trailers, reviews, and all info for Route One/ USA by Robert Kramer.

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